The Sun Valley Forum gathers global and local leaders and innovators for several days each summer to inspire, inform, connect, and catalyze, with a goal of building greater resilience.

In a time of great environmental, political and economic change, resilience—the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change—is vital to strengthen nations and communities, corporations, organizations, and individuals.

The annual forum attracts over 200 people including innovators from investment, policy, business, nonprofits, academia, local leaders, visitors, and residents. We will learn together, be inspired by the beautiful setting of the Wood River Valley surrounded by five mountain ranges, and connect on trails, by the river, and around the table at meals, sparking new ideas, collaborations and innovations.

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Sun Valley Forum speakers are innovators from investment, policy, communications, business, nonprofits, and academia, and include local and global leaders.
2017 Forum speakers include:

Rob Bernard

Chief Environmental Strategist, Microsoft


Partner, Generation
Investment Management

Paul Walsh

Director, Weather Strategy
IBM Global Business Services /
The Weather Company

Mike Brune

Executive Director,
Sierra Club