Jonathan Webb grew up in Kentucky, the 3rd largest coal producing state in the US, and has been committed to finding sustainable projects that can be developed on the 1.2 million acres of reclaimed coal mine land in Central Appalachia. Webb has been advocating that the environmental community who drove the war on coal must reinvest in a region that has seen 50,000 jobs lost in the past 5 years.

Webb is the founder and CEO of AppHarvest. The sustainable agriculture company is bringing the future of farming to Appalachia with its 1.8 million square foot high-tech greenhouse. The AppHarvest greenhouse will be a landmark sustainable project in the heart of coal country. The public private partnership is proving that this scalable industry can be a new wave in the region.

Prior to founding AppHarvest, Webb was based in Washington DC supporting the Executive Director of the Army Office of Energy Initiatives to help meet their White House goal of supplying 20% of DoD electricity usage from renewable sources by 2025. Webb advised the Executive Director on a $900 million portfolio of projects. The Office leveraged private sector capital to develop large scale renewable projects on Army land and is considered to be a leading public private partnership program at the DoD.