Major Energy Deal Sparked at 2017 Sun Valley Forum on Resilience

Major Energy Deal Sparked at 2017 Sun Valley Forum on Resilience Governor Matt Bevin and EnerBlu announce over $400 million investment in Kentucky #ItHappenedInSunValley #TheDealsThatMatter KETCHUM, ID, December 20, 2017—The Sun Valley Institute’s annual Sun Valley Forum on Resilience this past July sparked a partnership that resulted in announcement of a major investment and much needed job creation in new … Read More

Sun Valley Forum tests microgrid technology, Idaho Mountain Express

Four-day conference wrapped up Saturday in Ketchum by Peter Jensen The Sun Valley Forum wrapped up last week after offering residents an opportunity to tour an energy microgrid set up in Forest Service Park throughout the conference in Ketchum. While the system was taken down before the conference finished, renewable-energy advocates hope the Wood River Valley could become a permanent … Read More

Robert Swan Reveals the Greatest Threat to Our Planet, Eye on Sun Valley

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 BY KAREN BOSSICK Robert Swan knows what it’s like to have ice inside his underpants. He has trekked in minus-87 degrees Fahrenheit as he trekked 900 miles to the South Pole and 700 miles to the North Pole, becoming what he says is “the first person in history stupid enough to walk to both Poles.” “After … Read More

Microgrid Shows New Energy Options, Eye on Sun Valley

Thursday, July 6, 2017 STORY AND PHOTO BY KAREN BOSSICK Sun Valley could hardly be considered a Third World country. But everything someone might need to power lights, espresso machine and more in a tiny village on the outskirts of the Saharan Desert or along the Amazon River has been set up in Ketchum’s Forest Service Park. The Sun Valley … Read More

Sun Valley Forum returns July 5-8, Idaho Mountain Express

Global experts to discuss issues of energy, resilience by Andy Kerstetter When Aimee Christensen moved to Sun Valley seven years ago, she brought a wealth of knowledge about sustainability and resilience issues with her from 20 years of experience in policy, law, investment, and philanthropy—and she brought that experience to bear on Sun Valley. “I realized we had a lot … Read More

Working Toward a Resilient Valley, Sun Valley Magazine

 Working Toward a Resilient Valley The Sun Valley Institute addresses the risks to community BY JON DUVAL In 2008, a consulting firm out of Texas was brought into Blaine County to analyze the state of the region’s economy and develop a strategy for reducing the vulnerabilities that had, at that point in time, been so thoroughly exposed. As the entire … Read More